About us

As an innovative company, ROTIBOX was established in 2009 & specializesin the R&D, production 

and sale of electronics devices and accessories. The factorycovers an area of more than 8,000 

square meters with 500 full-time employees,including 30 professional engineers and well-experienced

QC team.

Underpinned by our firm commitment to innovation and the application of electronics series products.

we independently develop and market our products worldwide.These distinguishing features make us 

a leading brand in the global market.

Our products have won dozens of awards and titles globally and reached more than 30 countries 

worldwide thanks to our strong reputation and product position for our superior service and product quality.

We always strive to deliver on our commitments to customers:innovative concept,world-leading 

design, and high qualityuser experience.Since our inception, we have incorporated the concept 

of being smart,fast, user-friendly and world-leading into every step of our R&D and design procedures.

We aim to offer highly innovative waterproof products for customers, as well as high quality services 

and customer experience.We seek to build a trustworthy brand that can reassure customers by 

creating an incredibly easyand enjoyable lifestyle for them.

About us